Bentleigh Calisthenics College
​At Bentleigh Calisthenics College we endeavour to provide students who would like to try solos with the opportunity in addition to their team work.   All students are encouraged to participate in skills classes and exams and then have the opportunity to participate in solos either competitively or recreationally. 

2017 Solo Concert

Some photos from the 2017 solo season so far...

2017 Results

Chantelle - 10 Years Cali Novice- SM Peninsula, SM Dandenong, 2nd Ballarat, HM South Eastern, SM CVI
Quinn - 11 Years Cali Novice- HC Dandenong, HC Bayside
Maddie- 11 years Cali Open - HM Ballarat
Madddie - 11 Years Graceful Novice - 3rd Avonde, 3rd Mt Eliza, HC Dandenong, 3rd Ballarat, SM CVI
Holly - 13 Years Graceful Novice - SM Dandenong
Bella - 13 Years Graceful Novice - HC Bayside
Emily - 15 Years Graceful Novice - HC Avonde, SM VCCA, HM CVI
Emily - 15 Years Cali Open Reserve - 3rd Avonde, HC Peninsula, HM Bayside, HM South Eastern, 1st CVI
Charlotte - 16 Years Cali Novice - HC Avonde, HM Dandenong, HM Bayside, HC South Eastern, SM CVI
Hayley - 16 Years Graceful Novice - HC Peninsula
Hayley - 16 Years Cali Open Reserve - HM Mt Eliza, 3rd South Eastern, 1st CVI
Willow - 17 Years Graceful Novice - 3rd Avonde, 3rd Mt Eliza, HC  Peninsula, HM - Dandenong, 3rd VCCA, HM CVI
Georgina - 17 Years Graceful Novice - HM Mt Eliza, HM Bayside, HC VCCA, HC CVI
Georgina  - 17 Years Cali Novice - HM Avonde, 2nd Mt Eliza, 3rd Peninsula, 1st South Eastern
Willow - 17 Years Cali Open - HM Avonde, 2nd Mt Eliza, HM Peninsula, 3rd Dandenong, HC Bayside, 3rd South Eastern


Chantelle HC
Phoebe SM
Mt Eliza
Willow 1st
George 3rd (graceful)
Hayley HM
Hayley HC
Willow 3rd
George HC (physi)

Quinn SM
George HM (graceful)
George HC (physi)
Emily 2nd
Willow 3rd

Willow HC
Chantelle 2nd
Maddie 2nd
George HM (graceful) 
Bella HC (graceful) 
Emily 3rd
South Eastern
Hayley & Willow HC
Emily HC
Hayley 2nd
George HM
Willow 2nd
Chantelle 3rd
Sophie HM
George HC'

Willow - HM
George - HM (Cali)
George - SM (Graceful)
Chantelle - HM
Sophie - SM 
Emily - 3rd 

2016 soloists

Good luck to the following girls for the 2016 solo and duo season. 
8 years cali - Phoebe 
9 years cali Novice - Chantelle, Katie, Renae
​10 years cali rec - Sophie
10 years cali Novice - Quinn, Hannah, Mia
10 years cali Open - Maddie
11 years cali Novice - Victoria, Izzy
11 years cali rec - Layla, Ella
12 years cali Novice - Zara
12 years graceful Novice - Bella, Holly, Sophie
13 years cali Novice - Rachelle
13 years graceful Novice - Ellie
Junior Duo - Bella & Holly, Daisy & Izzy, Laura & Indy, Olivia & Sienna, Jade & Sophie
14 years cali Open Reserve - Emily
15 years cali rec - Caitlin 
15 years cali Novice - Charlotte
15 years cali Open Reserve - Hayley
16 years cali Novice - Georgina
16 years cali Open Reserve - Willow 
16 years graceful Novice - Georgina 
Intermediate Duo - Rachelle & Victoria 
17+ years cali Open Reserve - Lucy

Competition Results 2015

​Congratulations to our beautiful Bentleigh soloists for a great start to the competition season. You are all performing so beautifully - keep up the good work! Special mention to the following girls for their results so far this season;
Chantelle - SM (Avonde), HM (Ballarat), HC (Bayside)
Maddie - 1st (Ballarat), 3rd (CVI), 3rd (Mt Eliza), 3rd (Dandenong), HC (Peninsula), HC (Avonde)
Cindy - HC (CVI), HC (Dandenong), HC (South Eastern), HC (Mt Eliza), SM (Avonde)
Sophie & Jade - HM, (Mt Eliza), HC (Peninsula)
Bella & Holly - HM (Bayside) 
Rachelle - HC (South Eastern)
Emily - 2nd (South Eastner), 2nd (Peninsula), 3rd (Avonde), HM (Ballarat), HM (Dandenong) HC (Mt Eliza), SM (CVI), 
Charlotte - HC (Dandenong)
Angie - 1st (CVI), 1st (Peninsula), 2nd (Mt Eliza), 3rd (Bayside), 3rd (VCCA), 3rd (Dandenong) 
Angie & Willow - HM (CVI), HC (Bayside)
Willow - 3rd (Ballarat) 
Hayley - 2nd (Dandenong), HC (Ballarat), HC (South Eastern), SM (Peninsula)
Sophia - 3rd (CVI), 3rd (Dandenong), HM (Peninsula), HM (Mt Eliza)
George - 3rd (Ballarat), HM (Avonde), HM (Dandenong), HC (Peninsula), HC (Mt Eliza), HC (CVI)
George - HM (Ballarat), HC (Mt Eliza)
Lucy - 1st (South Eastern), 1st (Dandenong), 3rd (Mt Eliza), 3rd (Bayside)