Our Coaches

Kylie Pitruzzello

Principal Coach, Tinies Section Coach, Masters Section Coach, Sub Junior Assistant Coach

Calisthenics for me encompasses so many elements of dance. However, it is the lifelong friendships, confidence and skills we develop to help us in all facets of life. I have had the privilege of performing and competing in Calisthenics since I was 6 years old and have continued to compete as a Master. I have competed in both graceful and calisthenic solos, completed all of my level exams, including receiving honours for my grade 4 and recently entered the world of duos. I have been part of the Victorian State team as a Junior and Intermediate and had many opportunities through Calisthenics: such as participating in an Olympic parade, women’s netball cheerleading, men’s basketball cheerleading, dancing with Hugh Jackman and being part of the State team opening ceremony in Victoria. I have obtained my level one and level two coaching courses and continue to gain experience by coaching teams, solos and levels. As a coach I love helping pupils to learn new skills and also find enjoyment in performing and achieving their goals as a Calisthenics performer. My most recent achievements in Calisthenics, out weighing any of my own personal achievements is becoming a Calisthenics mum and watching my three gorgeous girls perform.

Felicity Harris

Sub Junior Section Coach

Stephanie Millar

Junior Section Coach

Lisa Robins

Intermediate Section Coach

Alicia Lecky

Senior Section Coach

Kristen Baker

Tinies Assistant Coach

Michelle Simkhayeva

Tinies Assistant Coach, Sub Junior Helper, Junior Helper

Kyla Field

Junior Assistant Coach

Stacey Kraloglou

Junior Assistant Coach

Gwen Mould

Intermediate Section Coach

Claudia Jenkinson

Sub Junior Cadet

Hayley Cox

Tinies Cadet, Sub Junior Cadet

Georgina Sossi

Intermediate Cadet