Bentleigh Calisthenics College
Cali Stories
Calisthenics produces so many fabulous family stories! Please enjoy our series of stories from some of our families that started calisthenics and fell in love with it! 

amber, steph, ruby & bella

Calisthenics runs in the family often at Bentleigh Calisthenics. Amber started at Bentleigh as a Junior and went on to become a graceful soloist and member of the Senior championship team. After attending one of Amber's solo concerts her cousin Steph joined as a Sub-Junior whilst Amber was a class helper for the section. Steph went on to become a pupil of 21 years and a coach. Now with two kids (Ruby & Bella) in the Tinies section Amber is also a member of the Masters team where Steph having retired from Seniors will be joining her this year to finally compete together 22 years after it all started. 

charlene & rebecca

​Charlene started calisthenics as a Sub-Junior at Keysborough Calisthenics Club and competed for 9 years all the way through to Inters only giving up because her family moved to the UK. Moving back to Australia as an adult meant that Charlene was able to rekindle her love with calisthenics, enrolling her daughter Rebecca as a Sub-Junior. Rebecca (11) is now a Junior at Bentleigh and Charlene was able to get back into calisthenics herself as a member of our Masters team in 2015. Now with the newest addition to the family - Piper (aged 1) hopefully we will have many years of calisthenics left in this family. 

Kylie, chantelle & larissa

Kylie started calisthenics 26 years ago at Emmanuel Calisthenics with her sister. Kylie competed in solos right through from Subbies through to Seniors and was very well supported by her calisthenics loving mum Corinne who sequinned all her costumes and made her headpieces. Now a mum, Kylie has two daughters and a son with another one on the way! Kylie has passed on her love of calisthenics to her girls - Chantelle is currently in the Sub-Juniors team and also participates in solos and has been selected as a member of the Victorian Elite Program and Larissa is in our Tinies team. Kylie and her girls performed together as tinies and a senior at both Karoo and Bentleigh and her niece is also involved in calisthenics at Karoo Calisthenics. If she is not busy enough with 3 children and another on the way, Kylie is also the Principal Coach at Bentleigh Calisthenics and section coach of the Tinies and Masters team and assistant coach of our Sub-Juniors team. She is very well supported by her cali husband Daniel and her son Nathaniel and after having baby number 4 will be leading our Masters teams to the Pan Pacs Masters Games in Queensland in November. 

Rebekah & Phoebe

Bek started calisthenics when she was an Intermediate at Aurora after seeing her little sister enjoy it so much and instantly fell in love with the sport! Her favourite item has always been rods and clubs. Bek’s mum and grandma also did calisthenics when they were younger, so it was only a matter of time until everyone in the family got involved. Phoebe is the 4th generation of a calisthenics family and started when she was 3 in Tinies. Bek is now part of the Bentleigh masters team and started because Phoebe said that she would love to see her mum do calisthenics on the stage so Bek thought she would give it a go! Phoebe explains her passion for our sport: “I love calisthenics because it is so much fun! I love my mum watching me and getting to watch her, I love bling on my costumes and doing cute faces to tell the story in the song! I am going to do calisthenics forever, even in Masters when I am a mum!”

liz & Laura

​Liz started calisthenics when she was a tinie with her cousin and went right through to Inters (on and off) at Newport Baptist C.C. Liz always loved Spec and Plastics - Aesthetics to newbies. Liz now enjoys watching Laura compete (in her 5th year) as a Junior and is proud (and mostly teary) every time she gets up on that stage, so much so that she gave Masters a crack last year and loved every minute of it. Laura was so proud of her mum and goes on to say that "calisthenics is my passion - it makes me happy to know that Mum and I I love it so much. We can often be found marching around our house or club swinging to all sorts of songs."  Laura loves meeting new friends and especially loves learning all the new routines each year - bring on 2016!

kathy & Maddie

​I was introduced to calisthenics by a friend who said “you must get Maddie into Calisthenics”.  So I took my shy little girl along when she was 3 1/2 years old and she has not looked back.  She has made many friends,  grown in confidence and has a love for Calisthenics that gets stronger every year.  When Masters started I thought “why not give it a try”.  I got involved in cross country for many years with my son and  have great memories doing something he was strongly involved in.  Now I get to have that same connection with Maddie.  We have a great laugh with Maddie now doing my hair and make up and me yelling “ouch” when the pins get stuck in my head.  And I am back for another year and looking forward to it. Maddie was also lucky enough to be selected as a member of the Sub-Junior Victorian Elite Team which she loves! When I asked Maddie what she liked most about calisthenics it was getting on stage, learning new tricks and having fun.  I have heard many times that once you get into Calisthenics there is no turning back and I think that is so.